Wound Care


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At Alsharaf Orthopedic & Spine Center, our specialty-trained wound care doctor offers assistance to patients who have foot and ankle wounds that have not healed in 30 days or more, as well as wounds that are difficult to heal as a result of traumatic injury, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, or other conditions.
Our specialized staff will assess your condition and develop a treatment plan to promote healing and allow you to return to your normal routine quickly and safely.
Our specialist takes a comprehensive care approach. Once an evaluation is complete, a customized treatment plan is developed based on your individual needs. The plan is set in motion, and your progress is carefully monitored for effectiveness.


We utilize a variety of approaches for treatment, including:
• Specialized dressings: Different types of dressings are used for different types of conditions. One dressing we use is medicated to promote healing and limit infection. Another outer wrap has a unique shape and compression feature to promote correct healing.
• Debridement: This process involves removing unhealthy tissue in the wound. Once unhealthy tissue is removed, new healthy tissue may grow.
• Infection control: With any type of open wound, infection is a possibility. Close supervision of the wound healing process may lead to quicker healing and less infection.
• Bio-synthetic grafts: Due to the nature of some wounds, a synthetic skin substitute to promote growth of new skin may be used. Good nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, and proteins are often needed to help with the healing process.
The list below contains some of the most common wounds we treat:
• Diabetes-related
• Artery failure
• Charcot foot damage
• Collagen vascular disease
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Radiation injury
• Vein failure
• Surgical wounds
• Traumatic injury
• Pressure ulcers